Be Prepared for Smoke Vent Control Scenarios with our MZAOV Range

MZAOV control panel from Haes

Smoke vent control has never been easier with our Multi-Detection Zone Automatic Opening Vent Control Panels (MZAOVs).



Purpose-built to provide a thorough and flexible smoke vent control, the Haes MZAOV range is effective for use with vents, windows and roof lights. This all works to provide a safe exit route in the event of a fire, whilst also paving the way for firefighters to find and eliminate the flames.

The MZAOV range has been designed to be easy to use and highly effective, with a large graphical LCD display and all vent controls at the front of the panel. The installation process is effortless with plenty of room inside for cables and batteries.


Flexible to Use

Our MZAOV panels have a number of versatile features, such as having up to 8 detection zones available and a connection to Building Management Systems (BMS). Furthermore, the panels have the ability to interlink with other control panels for more detection zones.

They’re also built with accessible controls, as there’s both a fireman’s control switch with ON/OF/AUTO inputs and general inputs for wider use. With the added choice of 3, 5 or 10 amp PSU for various-sized loads.


Intuitive Technology

Usability was a priority when designing this range, so we’ve ensured the MZAOV range comes with clear and simple user controls, as well as controlled operator access via key switch or code entry for added security.

All MZAOV panels also have climate control, whereby they can be connected to thermostats in order to open vents when required. Combined with a rain sensor input to also close vents, the MZAOV is engineered to deliver fast-acting results under a variety of conditions.


Quality Assured

Using our unique triple-testing process, Haes rigorously tests all our products to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. The MZAOV range is also CE Certified and has been developed using the same detection circuit technology as our EN54-approved fire panels and SZAOV.

We’re also proud to manufacture and test in the UK, using experienced and innovative engineers in order to deliver exceptional fire safety systems for a wide range of applications–with MZAOV being no exception.


The MZAOV range is available through our distributors. Alternatively, contact our Technical Sales Manager, Phil Walford, to book your product demo today.