Welcome to the Haes Technologies website. Manufacturing fire industry products in the UK since 1973

Why Haes?

From the land to the sea, Haes has you covered with a leading range of fire system products which are manufactured in the UK and used worldwide.

Haes is ISO9001 certified with additional industry and product accreditations from bodies including LPCB, BSI, MED, Lloyds Register & ABS. With over 45 years experience in the fire industry, the team are focused on helping installers and planners to choose, install and manage fire alarm systems.

Our team of designers, engineers and production specialists constantly innovate the latest fire industry technology, backed by dedicated customer advisers that are on-hand to provide support and guidance.

  • UK Manufacturer
  • Internal R&D department
  • Comprehensive range of products
  • Quality assured with our unique triple testing products
  • Feature rich products designed with the engineer in mind
  • Technical Support
Our Products


New Product Launches

Discover the New Haes Esprit Apollo Addressable Control Panels

Designed to be easy to use and cost-effective, the Esprit 1-2 & 1-4 Loop addressable control panels...

New Product Launches

Be Prepared for Smoke Vent Control Scenarios with our MZAOV Range

Smoke vent control has never been easier with our Multi-Detection Zone Automatic Opening Vent Control...

New Product Launches

Take Charge of Single Zone Detection with SZAOV

Standalone smoke ventilation plays a vital part in safe evacuation for smaller fire safety systems. Not...

Service Updates

Video Assets are Available on our Website

Fire Safety Systems aren’t always the easiest to use, with a lot of complex specifics required in order...