Take Charge of Single Zone Detection with SZAOV

SZAOV control panel from haes

Standalone smoke ventilation plays a vital part in safe evacuation for smaller fire safety systems. Not only does it save lives, but it assists firefighters in finding and tackling the flames as quickly as possible.


These are both essential for minimising risk. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have full smoke ventilation control in the event of a fire. And we’ve got the perfect system for the job.

Our Single Zone Automatic Opening Vent (SZAOV) control panel has been developed as a robust and versatile solution. Effective for use with vents, windows and roof lights.


Flexible Use

With a variety of options and settings, the SZAOV is adaptable to a wide range of scenarios. General vent control switch input and built-in Fireman control switch input have also been included, so the system is built with safety features at the forefront.

The panel is also built with the ability to be interlinked with other control panels for multiple detection zones–and can be integrated with fire alarm panels via a non-latching input. 


Advanced Programming

The SZAOV also comes with many programming features, ensuring optimum performance for a variety of site requirements. From Twin Wire Mode allowing sounder devices to be connected to the detection circuit, to false alarm management mode to minimise wasted time and resources.

The system is also programmable to have a set vent motor run time and a keypad entry code, allowing for maximised safety and security.


Quality Assured

Developed using the same detection circuit technology as our EN54-approved fire panels, the SZAOV has been created with fire safety at the forefront. It’s also CE Certified and manufactured in the UK, having been put through years of rigorous testing.

This consists of our unique process, whereby we triple-test all products for maximum safety and efficacy.

So, there you have all the information about our industry-leading SZAOV. Designed with versatile features and intuitive programming, it’s perfect for standalone smoke ventilation systems. 


The SZAOV is available through our distributors. Or, contact Phil Walford, our Technical Sales Manager, via email to book your product demo now.