EN54 Power Supply 5A

Product code: PSU-1003

The Haes 5A EN54 Power Supply Unit has been developed to provide a simple to use, robust solution for fire alarm applications where mandatory EN54 part 4 approval is required.

This includes applications where detection devices are not powered directly from the fire alarm control equipment, for example; Beam Detectors, Aspirating Detectors and Flame Detectors. Other applications would be powering Sounder Circuit Controllers and Expanders, Control Panel Repeaters, Remote Communicators, or any other Fire Alarm System critical power supply applications.

As standard, the PSUs come with dual supply outputs, a failsafe fault relay output, and Supply Healthy and Fault Condition LED indicators.

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Product Features

  • 5A EN54 Approved Power Supply
  • Dual Supply Outputs as standard
  • Failsafe fault relay output
  • 2 x 18Ah Batteries
  • Robust Metal Enclosure
  • Healthy Supply (Green) and Fault Condition (Yellow) LED indicators

Technical Specifications

EnclosureSteel IP30. Epoxy powder coated Interpon Radon, silver grey.
Cable EntryFire resistant screened cable, minimum size 1 mm2. Max cable length 1 Km (20 Ohm). FireBurn, FP200 or equivalent (max capacitance 1uF, max inductance 1mH).
Temperature Range-5°C to +40°C Maximum relative humidity: 95%
Dimensions (WxHxD)404 x 374 x 95
Terminal Capacity0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2 solid or stranded wire.
PSU Input +/- to PCB29VDC supply input. Diode protected for reversal and independent short circuit. Max current 3 amps. Max input current 3 amps. Input voltage 29.0VDC to 30VDC.
Temp Sense InputInput for connection of battery temperature sensor. Attach to central point of sealed lead acid battery pair. Thermistor TTC5103 10,000 Ohms at 25°C.
Battery Charger Output27.3VDC nominal at 20°C Temperature compensated
Mains supply47-63Hz 0.8A @ 230VAC
Mains supply fuse3 Amp (T4A 250V) 150W unit. Not accessible for servicing. Internal to switch mode power unit
Internal power supply rating5A total including battery charging. Maximum load shared between outputs: 4A
Power supply output voltage19-29VDC
Maximum ripple voltage150 mV p-p. Supply and charger fault monitored
Min current supplied by PSU (Imin)0A
Country Of OriginU.K.
Battery charging voltage27.3VDC nominal at 20°C. Temperature compensated
Battery charging current limit1.2A or 2.0A
Max current drawn from batteries4A with main power source disconnected. Battery fuse 5A (5x20 glass, quick blow)
Battery high impedance fault (Batt Hi Z)Resistance > 1 Ohm 1-hour reporting time
Battery typeYUASA NP18-12 (12V 17.2Ah) Fire Retardant
Battery fuse5A

Technical Specification

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