Timer/Pulsing Relay Card

Product code: RECARD-TMR

8 amp double pole PCB mounted changeover relay with a programmable time delay circuit 0-255 seconds/minutes/or hours. Alternatively relay can be set to pulse on and off. On & off times can be individually set from 0-255 seconds. Supplied c/w Nylon self adhesive mounting pillars.

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Product Features

  • 8 amp double pole relay
  • Contacts rated at 250v ac
  • Two colour relay status LED indicator
  • Delay timer mode: 0-255 secs, mins or hrs
  • Pulsing relay mode: ON & OFF times individually set 0-255 secs

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage24v dc (nominal)
Contact Rating250v ac 8A, double pole changeover
Quiescent Current7.5mA
Activated Current LED Only24mA
Activated Current LED + Buzzer38mA
Activated Current LED + Reay43mA
Activated Current LED + Buzzer + Relay57mA

Technical Specification

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