Video Assets are Available on our Website

Training videos available from Haes

Fire Safety Systems aren’t always the easiest to use, with a lot of complex specifics required in order to set them up successfully. This is why we’ve created helpful video assets now available on our website and Vimeo!



These handy assets have been made available to answer the common questions we get asked about the different products in our range. For example, ‘how to clear all disablements’ and ‘how do you link 2 x Esento Eclipse Panels?’, the answers are now available in an easy format.


Clear Information

We’ve created these video resources for the simple reason that not everything is best communicated through an instruction manual, and often the important information can get lost behind a sea of technical jargon.

With the importance of fire safety at the forefront, we want to strip all this away and help you to understand what exactly it is that you need to do. This is what we kept in mind when creating the videos, which have proven incredibly useful to many already.


Easily Accessible

We’ve helped reach so many customers by making sure the resources are easy to access–which is why we’ve made them available both on our website and Vimeo page.

Here, you’ll be able to find videos combining visual aids and written instructions to answer your query with total clarity. Not only do we have a wide variety of videos available, but we cover different topics highlighting the common questions many of our customers have–helping to make sure your question gets answered.


Available Now

Easy to find and completely free to access, these videos are out there and ready for you to browse. Not only do they help inform your understanding of various Haes products, but they also provide straightforward answers to some of the more challenging areas of fire safety systems.

These videos have been created with our customers in mind, so they utilise diagrams and symbols along with the relevant terms to help make sure your question gets answered. No confusing terminology or long list of technical specifications–just the answers that you’re looking for.


To take advantage of these clear and helpful video resources, visit our website or Vimeo page now and start watching.